A blue, dark grey, and white toony raccoon wearing a blue hoodie

Frinkel Raccoon

The 21-Year Old Raccoonkin that's Transforming the Internet.
Pronouns: She/Her

Proud Customer of Suricrasia Online

About Frinkel

Frinkel is a nerdy, 21-year old raccoonkin who lives in the Greater Boston Metropolitan Area. She has a very strong interest in tech, and when she's not sleeping or working, she's usually working on a server setup she uses to host a number of websites, including The Furry TF Club.


The following are sites that Frinkel runs, or helps run:
The Furry TF Club, a public Mastodon instanceWrite Furry TF, a public WriteFreely instanceFrinkel's Sanity Meter, a status page for Frinkel's servers
More sites are being worked on and will be added to this list in due time!