A raccoon.

Holly Lotor Montalvo

40% experience, 60% aggressive web searching, 100% self-deprecating tryhard.

Pronouns: she/her, they/them | Gender: �️ | Favorite Animal: 🦝
Personal E-mail: iam@hollylotor.online | Business E-mail: admin@frinkel.tech
XMPP: frinkel@raccoon.army | Fediverse: @chirrveon@transfur.online

Who Is Holly

Explaining myself in many words.

I'm a weird, 22 year old techie that resides in the state of Massachusetts. Working with servers is pretty much my main hobby and pastime. Not only does it provide me entertainment in the form of various problems to solve, but it also helps me feel useful by providing useful services to others. Most of what I know about servers and the like is self-taught, thanks to the Internet. I'm currently going through college to fill in the gaps!

Public Web Services I Run in My Free Time

Yeah, I know, I've got some pretty niche interests.

Raccoon Army

Public XMPP-based chat server spun up using Prosody.

Transfur Online

Public Mastodon instance themed after 90s aesthetics and animal transformation.

Glaceon Live

Video streaming website I put together because I don't like giving Twitch traffic.
Backend based on a config known as The Apparatus, frontend programmed by hand in Python.
I'm the only person that streams with it at the moment, but feel free to contact me if you want to stream with it, too!

Holly Lotor's Gitlab

Not exactly "public" in that you can sign up and host your stuff there, but I put a bunch of different projects here.

Web Technologies and Services I've Worked With

All these different webapps and things feel pretty familiar to me.

Nginx Docker-Compose PostgreSQL Mastodon Glitch Gitlab NextCloud Python/Flask Bitwarden Prosody Plume Gitea Matrix IPBoard MySQL Pleroma Pixelfed ESXi cPanel Plesk phpBB


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