A blue, dark grey, and white toony raccoon wearing a blue hoodie

Frinkel Raccoon

The 22-Year Old Raccoonkin that's Transforming the Internet.
Pronouns: She/Her

Please note: for privacy reasons, the fax number listed is not connected to my place of residence, but instead is connected through an online fax service.

Proud Customer of Suricrasia Online

About Frinkel

Frinkel is a nerdy, 22-year old raccoonkin who lives in the Greater Boston Metropolitan Area. She has a very strong interest in technology, and when she isn't sleeping, attending classes, or talking with friends, she's usually working on her server setup, which she uses to run various web applications and learn first-hand the best way to run a site.

Beyond technology, she possesses a strong interest in human to animal transformation, and occasionally likes to create works in regards to such.

She's also known to be a bloke who knows how to party.


The following are sites that Frinkel operates on her server:
The Furry TF Club, a public Mastodon instance,Transfurrmation Town, a public Pleroma instance to supplement The Furry TF Club, Write Furry TF, a public WriteFreely instance,frinkel.tech, uh... you're here!Frinkel's Sanity Meter, a status page
More sites are being worked on and will be added to this list in due time!